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Outdoor Digital Works

Deliver the Right Message at the Right Time and at the Right Place

Williams Media Group operates two 30-foot wide and 10-foot tall digital billboards in high traffic locations in Enid, Oklahoma. Located at the two busiest intersections in Enid, both billboards reach traffic as it flows both east and west along Oklahoma Highway 412, known locally as Owen K Garriott.

Together these boards deliver a staggering 3 million impressions each week with 2.4 million of those impressions being delivered to persons from Garfield County, and over 900,000 being between the ages of 25 and 54.

Enid is the center of culture and commerce for northwestern Oklahoma. With over 100,000 people who consider Enid their primary shopping location, people from rural Oklahoma and Kansas come to Enid for healthcare, banking, shopping, and business every week. Many travel to Enid on Oklahoma Highway 412 making Williams Media Group digital billboards a perfect fit for almost any business.


Williams Media Group’s Billboards are the only billboards in Garfield County that have a Geo Path ID and can furnish demographic and psychographic information on the impressions delivered to help you better asses your advertising spend.

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